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Adobe ETLA Campus Agreement

Freiburg University has joined the Enterprise Term License Campus Agreement. This means that all university institutions and employees can acquire Adobe products on a rental basis.

October 2019: According to news we recieved, the software from Adobe notifies the expiration date (end of November). Unfortunately, we still can not say whether there will be an equivalent to the current ETLA contract. We will inform all customers about news by e-mail and all others on this page and  "News". 

From now on, no more orders can be made.


April 2019: The Software ca not be updated to Versions 2019. The versions of 2019 do not support the packaging of serial keys. 


February 2019: Adobe has announced an extension until 22.11.2019. Licenses can still be ordered. Please order only in urgent cases, because we don´t know, what will come after Novembre 2019. Visit our website for Adobe alternatives.


The contract began on 29.02.2016 and will run until 22.11.2019.

Employees of the university can acquire and use the rental licenses for entire term of the contract. This means that the licenses have to be payed until the end of the contract. But if you order the license during a license year you only have to pay the proportinal* costs.

(*For example: You order in septembre of 2016 then you have to pay 6/12 5/12 of the license price for the rest of the first contract year.)


It was planned that the distribution of the products of the Campus Agreement should be done by the retailer SoftwareOne. But because of data protections concerns and organizational issues we are distancing ourselves from SoftwareOne. The University IT Services is now taking care of the distribution. 


The rental fees have to be payed once a year. For the first period the invoice will be coming at the end of 28.02.2017. For the second and the third year the invoice will become due at the beginning of the period***.

The software can be used until the end of the contract. A usage afterwards will be dependant of a following agreement. Every purchaser has to sign not to use the software after 01.03.2019.




 SKU Number

Price per year and license (netto)

Price per year and license (brutto)

Acrobat DC Pro


29,07 €

34,59 €

CC Complete Desktop App1


142,06 €

169,05 €



72,68 €

86,49 €



72,68 €

86,49 €



72,68 €

86,49 €



72,68 €

86,49 €

Premiere Pro


72,68 €

86,49 €



24,23 €

28,83 €

Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements

65256776MA / 65256861MA

24,23 €

28,83 €



74,93 €

89,17 €



74,93 €

89,17 €



74,93 €

89,17 €



74,93 €

89,17 €



74,93 €

89,17 €



899,19 €

1070,04 €

Captivate 2


49,96 €

59,45 €



34,97 €

41,61 €

1 Partially available for Mac OS.

2 Not available.


Who can purchase and use?

Every employee of the university can purchase the software, if the financing is ensured until the end of the term.

The software can only be used and installed on machines which are owned by the university or on machines on which the university has the right to dispose. 


Rental Licenses

The usage is allowed for the duration of the Campus Agreement until 28.02.2019. The usage after this term is forbidden. 

You can update the products during the contract to the newest versions.

It also gives you the right to use the Adobe-Hotline: 

069 / 50 07 18 55

(Hold ready the Agreement number which you get after odering.)


How can I purchase the products? 

No more orders can be made!

Because of data protection concerns and organizational issues we like to inform you that you cannot purchase the software via SoftwareOne. 

You can order the products directly from the IT Services. Please fill in the request form and send it via post or fax and mail to lizenzen@rz.uni-freiburg.de.

If you like to inform youself about the EULAs of Adobe you have to sign in with your university account. We are not able to make them public because they include parts of the contract which are excluded from public access. 

Generel questions and references about the license and the products can be found here.



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